04 November 2005

[pdx_media, design] KPAM Shows Signs Of Life

So, I'm surfing over to check out the slow death that is KPAM radio–a shadow of its debut self, and a sad thing to see–and what do I see, but a new look and a new face!

The outfit may have something to say yet.

Regrettably, they still broadcast that thug Hannity and that bizarre bit of illogic Elder. However, they have debuted a show by a long-missed Portland radio legend...but I get a little ahead of myself.

The redesign of the website was welcome and needed. For what it's worth, I am still limited to 56K dialup. This means if your website is sufficently graphics-rich, it's not a matter of if my connection will dive, but when. KPAM's was a site that routinely made me reconnect and reload multiple times. The new webpage sports a cleaner, less complex (but still visually interesting...it can be pulled off, people) look, with a revision of the logo, which has a bit more punch and interest than the old one did. The concentric circles around the yellow disk hark back to the old logo, but the overall effect really does freshen the brand up.

The page features 'photos of the personalities' which are voice sound signatures, which is actually rather a clever joke.

The new face would be an old and missed one...Tom Parker. I remember Tom back from the days when KXL-AM 750 was still listenable, he was in the time slot that KEX had Rush Limbaugh in. Predictably, he was eventually gone. He's back, and it's welcome that KPAM would put a local voice on in afternoon drive-which is fairly competitive. In as much as he's competing with Mark & Dave on KEX, Portland's most remarkable afternoon team in many a year, he's got his work cut out for him. KPAM must feel that he has what it takes, however.

Unfortunately, despite the pull of Parker (and morning stalwart Bob Miller) KPAM still has the feeling of a cut-rate Fox News outlet with Hannity and Elder. But the willingness of KPAM to put Parker on in the afternoons suggests that perhaps they will be worth keeping an eye on. Maybe more changes are in the offing.

I'm certainly hoping so.

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