28 November 2005

[zeitgeist] It's Just Another Color-Themed Day

Unlike (apparently) a lot of people, I was a little taken aback to find that the day after Thanksgiving, up until this year called "The-day-after-Thanksgiving", of "The-busiest-shopping-day-of-the-year", has been given the moniker "Black Friday".

Say wha'?

See what happens when I take my eye off the ball for a few days? Sheesh. I miss the old news cycle that closed down at night, but anyway.

For a day that held so much hope for retailers and the economy, "Black Friday" seems a pretty darned sombre name. Not that I could think up a better one; I thought "The-day-after-Thanksgiving" worked pretty well, and you don't mess with success in my world.

Then I saw the Wal-Marts. You know, the ones where people are lining up before dawn in thirty-degree weather to get in? And the appalling behavior in Orlando that hit the national news.

No, when people are lining up in front of Godforsaken Wal-Marts to buy stuff, then, I guess "Black Friday" applies just fine.

Oh, and if anyone's paying attention, please understand the following: There is nothing in a Wal-Mart worth lining up for before it opens. There never has been. THERE NEVER WILL BE!!!

In other words, if you're waiting outside a Wal-Mart before it opens to buy something, brothers and sisters, it's time you looked deep inside yourselves and asked yourself if you really need it all that much.


stan said...


Although I suspect that the real reason why people want to get into Wal#Mart so early is for the rare chance to see that one shelf that is not in a total state of disarray.

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

You've got a point, Stan.

At last, in Wal-Mart, is a shopping experience that makes K-Mart seem classy and refined.

JABecker said...

I always thought it was only workers of Wal Mart and their families who actually shopped there. Something about their low, low wages precluding their ability to shop elsewhere.

I don't shop anywhere between Thanksgiving and New Years. I never, ever shop at Wal Mart.