11 June 2006

[design] We Find Adobe Employees Quite del.icio.us

Employees of Adobe Systems, the graphical software powerhouse, have decided to show the world what they like; there is a new folder on del.icio.us they've just begun to populate.

Said John Nack on his own Adobe blog:
Adobe folks have started populating del.icio.us, the popular shared
bookmarking application, with interesting bits relevant to Adobe apps &
users. The root is http://del.icio.us/adobe, and from there you can go to
more specific areas (e.g. del.icio.us/adobe/Photoshop or
del.icio.us/adobe/AfterEffects). Luanne Seymour, a member of the group doing
this work, hastens to point out that this effort has just begun & the set of
links isn't yet comprehensive. That said, it's growing every day.
I just visited there, and it's up to 276. They aren't letting dust gather, that's for sure.

(Via João Carlos de Pinho on the OmniPilot InDesign mailing list)

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