09 June 2006

[net_life] I have Google Analytics

That title pretty much speaks for itself. Finally got my Google Analytics invite today and I've enrolled ZKT in it.

Also people have varying attitudes about Google; I issue this as a sort of warning.

But I am interested in who reads this blog and where they come from. When I started it, more than two years ago, I was just playing around. As I got deeper into being a designer I want this blog to be more about my passion; about design, bad, good, and otherwise, and believe it or not, I understand there is a person or two out there who actually come by here to see what I have to say about it.

While ZKT continues to be a more unabashed forum for my design views than my writings on Designorati or QuarkVSInDesign, it will also continue to be more Oregonized (and more than occaisionally feature my personal reactions to being a Portland resident, Address Nerdery, and that stuff). So, its for me, first, but it's also for the tens of people a day who stop by and glance. I want the part that others come by to see to not be a waste of thier time.

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