02 June 2006

[meme] Tag! I'm It! (a/k/a The Meme Of Four)

Not often do I recieve a meme. But this is it...I've been tagged!

The culprit: the impassioned Italienne and Designorati colleague, Elisabetta Bruno.

Oh yeah? Well see here, E, I can bring it! Meditate upon the following truths:

Four Jobs I've Had:
  1. Night Janitor
  2. Taxicab Dispatcher
  3. Answering Service Operator
  4. Coat-of-Arms Designer
Four Movies I Can Watch Over and Over:
  1. The War of the Worlds (1953 George Pal Edition)
  2. Tron
  3. The Andromeda Strain
  4. Tie: Kung Pow!–Enter The Fist/Venus The Ninja (a/k/a Matching Escort or Fury of the Silver Fox or Jin fen you long)
Four Places I've Lived:
  1. Salem, Oregon
  2. Portland, Oregon
  3. Idaho Falls, Idaho
  4. Orlando, Florida
Four TV Shows I Love/loved:
  1. Space:1999
  2. Mission:Impossible
  3. The Prisoner
  4. Have Gun, Will Travel
Four Places I've Vacationed:
  1. Lincoln City, Oregon
  2. Vancouver, British Columbia
  3. Victoria, British Columbia
  4. Detroit Lake, Oregon
Four Of My Favorite Dishes
  1. Box Mac & Cheese Dinner with Tuna or Ground Beef
  2. Wiener Schntizel mit SpƤtzle und Rotkohl
  3. General Tso's Chicken (extra spicy)
  4. Anything my The Wife™ is cooking
Four Sites I Visit Daily:
  1. Designorati
  2. ORBlogs
  3. Quark VS InDesign
  4. Designers Who Blog
Four Places I'd Rather Be Right Now:
  1. In a nice, well-lit office, designing logos
  2. In a nice, well-lit office, doing layout
  3. Council Crest
  4. Berlin, Germany
Four People I'm Tagging:
  1. Stan
  2. Gretchen
  3. Miles
  4. Auntie Violet
You're it, people!

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