28 June 2006

[distractions] Last Damned Post on Hell's Kitchen This Week, Promise.

When checking out what others on Technorati were yakking on this show, which just so happens to be the best TV in ages, I caught a post on TVgasm.com...it would seem that there might not be any such thing as a Gordon Ramsay Dog at all.

Read the sordid tale here: Gordon Ramsay Hot Dog Scandal!

While you're at it, just dang go over to TVgasm.com and take in the long, goofy, snarky review of Episode 4. Not quite gutbustingly-funny, but it comes damn close. It's the review I'd write if I had the time and inclination.

When you hear of and get to see in action someone like Chef Ramsay it's natural to get to know something more about him. He is a formidable individual in not just person but in achievement; remember how we wrote here that his restaurant, Gordon Ramsay, managed to get three stars in the Michelin Guide. This is pretty much the same as getting the Nobel Prize for Culinary Arts; the tale is told of a chef in France (Bernard Loiseau) who had heard that his restaurant was getting downgraded from three to two stars, and this man was so distraught that he actually committed suicide over it. True, the gent had a history of bipolar disorder, and as it turned out the rumor was in error, but if it drives an emotionally-troubled man to take his own life, imagine how important it is to the more even-keeled.

Chef Ramsay's commercial face on the web his here: GordonRamsay.com. Go and look. As well designed as the man's cuisine is reputed. Then I said to myself, self, I said, how much would it cost to sit down and get some eats at old Chef Ramdog's? A few moves got me to the page for his signature restaurant, from where I could find the a la carte menu. A three course meal (starter, entree, dessert) will run you...GBP 70.

And don't worry, they'll include a 12.5 per cent gratuity.

Not long after, me and The Wife™ dined at La KFC. The irony...oh, the delicious irony.

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