27 January 2007

[design] NO!SPEC: Someone Gets Out the Big Crayon On Craigslist

720 Go here to read something that Calvin Lee of Mayhem Studios (another person I hope to grow up to be like) posted that was originally posted by an anonymous designer on Craigslist.

The subject? "Spec" work.

Think about it; if you take anything asking for free work from a designer and replace it with any other profession, would you accept this: speculative plumbing, speculative building, speculative neurosurgery...

Sounds kind of silly, neh? And, cop to this, the examples were maybe a little absurd. But the point is that each one of those trades/professions are highly trained and come with skill sets that nobody that isn't those fields has much command of.

When a pipe in my house goes wrong, I'd much rather opt for the professional plumber, thank you. They know what they doing!

So when you get ready to release every design zig for great justice, think about the designer you're using. If they're a pro, they either have years of experience in the field or a nice sheepskin they paid good money for (be it AA, BA, MFA, or what have you) and they cared enough about their passion to get properly educated about it.

They will do a better job for you. You will get value for money

You want professional work? Pay the professional.

Also, visit NO!SPEC for education you can use.

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