10 January 2012

[fonts] 9 Free Display Fonts from TheNextWeb

2745.The actual reason the internet was created wasn't to share free porn; it was to share free typefaces. And here's 9 free* display typefaces mounted by the Design & Dev blog:

Blanch mixes the traditional and the contemporary. Kind of art-decoish, if you ask me.

Ribbon is sharp edges and interesting lines.

Vevey is a very classy font, at home on haute-style printed matter and design.

Folk looks warm and friendly, like you cut it out of potato-stamps.

League Gothic is very serious, square-shoulders, and all-American, to me.

Ostrich Sans gots itself a looong neck.

Oh Mai Mai, the favorite font of ghosts everywhere.

Quicksand, an utterly geometrical font that makes me think of Futura.

Color Lines, a experimental font that's actually a vector file made for your Illustrator and Photoshop and such things of that nature.

* we must append our standard advisory that free fonts aren't always free; they may be free to obtain and install but carry conditions upon use. READ YOUR FONT LICENSES THOROUGHLY!

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