17 January 2012

[liff] We Can See For Miles And Miles

2750.… well, we could, if we gained several hundred feet in elevation.

With the approaching snowstorm promising wintry hell for those 500 feet and up and wintry heck below (from this we coin that Oregonized term wintry mix) we naturally wondered how far about mean sea level Chez Klein is. Via this nifty free app at http://veloroutes.org/elevation/ we found out that Home Base is, indeed, about 311 feet above the ocean's waves … at least until global warming takes its toll.

You can do it too. Just tap in your address and it'll do the rest.

Something else we've found out that amuses and amazes us is just how low-lying a great deal of the Portland area actually is, despite its apparent relief. Courtesy of Your Tax Dollars At Work, NOAA has a fun little chart at http://www.wrh.noaa.gov/pqr/elevations.php. Did you know that downtown Portland at the seawall is only about 20 feet above sea level (and ocean levels are predicted to go up how much due to climate change?)? PDX itself is only about 20-25 feet up. 

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