22 January 2012

[design] 26 Free Photoshop Documents From 2011

2767.This via Designm.Ag on the Smashing Network, is a quick list of the 26 free downloadable PSDs the author has seen over 2011.

There's some good stuff there. I like these because one of the better ways to keep learning Photoshop is to see how others construct thier PSDs. It's like watching artists work in a way.

Right now I'm reviewing a document with glossy shield shapes, perfect for icons and decor.

Glossy textures are still fashionable, and it's educational to see how this artist accomplished it.

The direct link to the shield PSD download is http://freepsdfiles.net/graphics/glossy-shield-psd-icons/,
but you'll want the entire list (which contains nifty UI elements and other goodies), and that's here:

Happy Photoshoppery.

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