10 January 2012

[coffee] Furniture From Recycled … Coffee?

2746.Those of us who imbibe of the bean need not be reminded of the life-enhancing properties of the great coffee. But who knew you could make furniture out of it?

The square that looks like an enormous slab of chocolate there is a material called Çurface, which looks like the mug of someone you don't like much but is probably prounounced 'surface' and is actually a material made of shredded plastic and coffee grounds … things which would be found in abundance in the trash of most restaurants in Portland … provided they don't throw it into the recycling, of course.

The blog Dear Coffee, I Love You has an article here (http://www.dearcoffeeiloveyou.com/curface-furniture-made-from-coffee) that tells the tale of a non-profit industrial design firm, Re-Worked, which created Curface furniture, very attractive, created from Çurface and recovered wood, for a good example of sustainable furniture design.

Sadly, Re-Worked has suspended production and only left a spare and terse note about having to suspend production with a hoped-for mid-2012 re-start. It was in the UK, anyway, so I'd of expected none of this to turn up anywhere in Oregon anytime soon, alas. However, it does suggest what great things can be done with leftover coffee grounds.

Coffee. More awesome than you can imagine.

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