28 June 2012

[liff] I've Never Met Dan Piraro, But He Knows Me Somehow

2848.So, I was tooling through existence, just looking for something that would make me smile, and I found this:

Used with the artist's gracious permission. Seriously. I asked Piraro
and he said yes, which is squee-worthy, even for an adult man,
which I apparently am. So they say.)

He almost got my looks right, too. However, for me it's briefs, not boxers (which is probably more than anyone deserved to know but you cannot unthink what you have thought, hahahahaha!).

For what it's worth, one of the shortcuts would be SHIFT-CMD-T. You get bonus points for figuring out what application, but I don't know where you'll spend them. They closed that store down, yo.

Thank you to the actual Dan Piraro for his kind permission in allowing me to illustrate with this.

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