09 June 2012

[logo] I Love Logo Design: Bird Is The Word

2840.Twittah, as most of you know, just engineered one subtle logo rework. And they're serious about it.

Via Logo Design Love, the birdie has a strict set of things you must not do to it. Actually, this is the soul of good logo practice; the graphic standards guide specifies how the owner wishes it best used. Owners right. However, being what it is, and the Internet wag society being what it is, there's going to be some savagely funny takedown going on, such as with Gawker, who interprets this "don't do it" graphic:

… into the following standards, respectively. You must not:

  • add a gray speech bubble next to the bird that makes it appear as if the bird is talking or smoking hookah
  • make the bird be upside down
  • reunite the bird with his bird family
  • change the bird to a better color
  • give the bird a small gray ledge on which to perch
  • transform the bird into a bubble letter "t" or the word "twitter"
  • give the bird eyes and legs and a song in his heart
  • make the bird look the way he used to even though no one would notice
The company also asks that users not manipulate the bird, because he trusts you and he's too young and beautiful to be hurt like that.

So, be nice to the bird. Because the Bird is the Word, or as Doug Bowman, Twittah's creative director, intones, Twitter is the bird, the bird is Twitter. 

Aummmm …

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