28 June 2012

[liff] New Tomatoes, We Haz Them

2852.I'm finally accomplishing something I've wanted to try for a very long time.

I'm growing tomatoes and peppers. Not very much right now: one Willamette tomato plant and a Sweet 100 (cherry tomato) plant, and a regular old California Wonder green pepper.

I have always been fascinated by growing things but never thought I had it in me to actually grow anything. I have found out that, to a certain point, it kind of takes care of itself. You just have to keep an eye on your plants and make sure not too much goes wrong. But the Willamette - a tomato designed to grow in this climate and zone, and an heirloom, so, if I was crazy enough, I could grow more Willamettes from the tomato seeds (heirlooms breed true from seed) and the Sweet 100 have a joie de vivre, to be sure. They both seem thrilled to be alive.

Have had them for something over two months and they're starting to be filled with those modest little yellow blossoms. And … well, one's turning into an actual tomato fruit. See here:

It's right there in that red circle. it's actual size is about that of a big pea.

It's really pretty exciting. This is the first time I've ever grown anything, and the first time I'm growing a veggie that I quite enjoy.

I can't wait to slice and eat this one. This is a special occasion, taught me a little something, and provided me with a skill that speaks to self-sufficiency.

Can't wait for that pepper to start producing. They have the most adorable white blossoms …


Jake Vortex said...

Good for you. How Jeffersonian.

Samuel Klein said...

I really did feel that I was being kind of a chump, in the modern world, by not doing this sort of thing. We also have the cherry toms finally fructing, and the Cal Wonder is going to be giving us green peppers sooner rather than later.

It really is getting to be a very satisfying adventure. I'm sorry I didn't try this out sooner.

If this goes well, we'll be digging up some lawn and making a real garden of it, this time next year or earlier.