20 June 2012

[logo] How Much For That Saul Bass In The Window, or If You Have To Ask …

2844.Saul Bass … logo design legend.

No, God.

Ever wonder how much God would charge you if you were His client?
My biggest sale using this approach was the Rockwell International logo and subsequent branding, which paid the Bass firm more than $2 million in fees over two years. Continental airlines paid us about a half million.
So saith Bill Haig, Ph.D., someone who is "not a graphic designer", but has a doctorate in logo design, and is one of the grand old men in the branding game. He did learn his trade under God, however.

The Logo Design Love Blog asked him how much the firm would bill clients and he gave some very enlightening answers. These were in late-60's dollars but it would still be a pretty sweet payday for any graphic designer or firm.

I think I have a business model now.

As Steve Martin once said, "This is what I'm shootin' for. One show …  goodbye."

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