17 April 2013

[art] Radio Station Stationery In The Close Out Bin At I've Been Framed

2923.I've gone on and on about our favorite art-supply sources. I get silly. Sorry about that, but being smitten, you get silly in public.

Our faves are faves for slightly different reasons. I've Been Framed's superpower is getting castoffs and closeouts. When you walk into the friendly storefront on SE Foster Rd just off Powell Blvd, you know what you're walking into, but you can never be completely certain as to what you'll walk out with.

Like this, today:

This, my friends, is retired stationery from KKRZ - Z100. It's nostalgic. It comes from not too long ago, the age when Portland radio didn't suck, back when you could find more than conservatalk and Yet Another New Groundbreaking Country Station.

Now I'm crying softly inside. Wait … okay. Bettah now.

Anyway, I've Been Framed.

You guys know the place. Go there, or you just have some issues, I tell you.

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