05 April 2013

[blog] Feed My Ego, Please?

2915.For a little while now, Google has provided me and all Blogger users with the nifty +1 button so we can get some social media heft.

Might I humbly request that, if you stumbled this way (research suggests that few come here on purpose) you kick me a +1? Two reasons.
  1. By giving me a +1 you tell me what stuff people who come here actually find interesting. That'll help me to keep active here and craft entries addressing what people would actually want to read.
  2. By giving me a +1 you are also helping me to realize a lifelong goal … world domination, as well as the crushing of my enemies. And who doesn't want to crush their enemies?
There are two way to +1 here. You can +1 the individual post (the button's at the bottom, next to the other share buttons (incidentally, please share my stuff! I'm soooooo loooonely!) or +1 the entire blog with a button at the very top bar or at the top of the sidebar.

Anyway, help me help you help me. Just takes a 'sec.

This has been a me-service message. Back to your regular, needy, distracted blog. 

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