16 April 2013

[blog] A Most Unique Mea Culpa: Sorry CookingSchools.Net Is Sorry

2921.We receieved the most memorable, so far, in its way, of communiques here at Home Base today.

Some time ago, we linked to and shared, via this blog, a very witty and very true infographic we found, lord only remembers how at this point, extolling the virtues and benefits of Sriracha - the famous Rooster Sauce, that Thai/Viet style red sauce in the big plastic bottle.

It's an acquired taste. One should work on that. But I digress. The infographic is at this entry hyar.

Today I got an email from on Jack Pritt, saying he was writing on behalf of the site that (I understood) originally released the graphic: CookingSchools.net (I'll not link that right now; why anon). The missive read, in part, as thus:
My name is Jack, and I'm contacting you on behalf of CookingSchools.net today. That makes this seem like a spam email, but I promise it's not. We recently lost our ranking with Google because they changed their standards for webmasters. In the past, we, more or less, pushed links onto people, begging them to please link to us when we thought that their sites would add value to ours and vice versa. It is this pushing that got us into trouble. We behaved in such a way that even the links on good quality sites aren't what they should be. It is our fault entirely.
So, apparently, CookingSchools.Net is a bad actor, at least by the lights of  Google, who de-ranked them a bit because they were way too needy with people who linked to them.

For the record, I linked there because, well, they created that nifty graphic. Honest-to-Ra-truth. But, they've been shilling so much, I guess, that Google took a dim view, and they're doing damage control there.

Well, if that's really what's been going on, then good on them for being so sincere and owning it and all. It's so easy not to own what mistakes one makes on the 'net, and so easy to make them … so, as per Jack's request, I've delinked the entry to CookingSchools.Net from that blog posting. I have, however, left the credit in the narrative.

Because … well, they created it, not me. And it doesn't seem to be a spam site or anything like that, so cut'n'paste from the text here if yer curious.

And so it goes.


urban bohemian said...

I got a similar message from them today and considering the other types of graphics I've been asked to share, mostly infographics that have nothing to do with the site being linked, I can understand how they might have gotten in trouble for it. Most recently I got a request to post an infographic from an "insurance quotes" site about "the hidden costs of milk".

Glad to see I wasn't alone in getting that e-mail.

Samuel Klein said...

It's interesting to see that happening. I'd figured that since it was all 'social media' now that whether or not blogs linked this, that, or the other thing wasn't so important.

Your linking experience is exactly the opposite of mine. I find myself finding interesting things and asking to link them, rather than being begged to link.

I guess I run in slightly different circles.