05 April 2013

[blog] Sitemeter Ist Gefloogle

2914.Sitemeter.com. Yesterday:

And, today:

And, this:

Whois info shows the domain name sitemeter.com was due to expire 03-April-2013, looks like someone else registered it.

Could be time to change all my counters since this kind of thing can take years to sort out if ever.
Well, we have also had Google toting up the stats on this blog for a while, and we like it, since it counts pageviews it seems to go up faster, making our ego very happy indeed.

Renewing your domain name; it's not just a good idea, it's the … well, it ain't the law. But it's still a damned good idea.

For now, we must consider Sitemeter in a state of gefloogle until further notice.

Further Notice: As of some time Saturday (4/6/13) Sitemeter seems to be back on line.

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