14 January 2014

[art,map] Meanwhile, In The Studio … City Building In Progress

Inspired by Jerry Gratzinger, I retake up city creation in the studio.

Port Oregon is growing from the center out.

I forsee the city center (about 28 blocks by 24 blocks, stretching from McCall Street (1400 W) on the west to Jefferson Street (1400 E) and Front Street to 24th Street, bisected by Federal Street, which is the east-west baseline. A lush public square at the intersection of Front and Federal leads, by way of a mall-like boulevard, to a larger public park at the intersection of 12th Street and Federal, in the way Philadelphia's City Hall sits in the middle of Center City Philly.

From Federal Square at the foot of the Federal Street Mall, diagonal streets run to the SW and SE corners of the original town, interrupted by two more public squares where they intersect 12th Street. From the 12th Street squares, just for fun, two more diagonal streets run to where Federal Street leaves the original town area, at 24th Street.

This will be something of a arterial map, the pattern of streets strongly suggested, but not to an exactitude. If I decide to break this up into page panels, though, this is the guide I will work from.

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