09 January 2014

[liff] Odds and Sods #1, 2014-Week 1

Just to keep things fresh, here's some stuff I found tooling about the intartubez this week. I'll try to make this a regular Thursday morning thing.

In this article at Portland Architecture we find that the idea of demolishing the Portland Building has been broached. I'm hate this idea. I fail to understand the hatred this building generates. I think postmodernism is a silly term, because it's full of silly, but it takes a certain sort of courage to design and build an edifice like this. If they're thinking of demolishing it because 95 megabucks of renovation, that's one thing, but if they're thinking of demolishing it because WE HATES HOWZ IT LOOKZ, well, geez, grow up people. I've seen a hell of a lot worse than the Portland Building in even my modest travels. It's quite pretty, I like it, and that settles that.

Idibon wonders, in this post, about streets with strangely-coined names, a subject I'm planning to explore down the road a bit; that there are fewer First Streets than Second Streets, the reality of a 4400th Street, and Evil Avenue. These streets all exist, and I've found them on Google Maps. Read the article, then go on your own adventure.

The strange world of Lisa Frank is fading faster than the fugitive colors in her psychedelic tweenie's school supplies. The center of the candy-cane unicorn's world is a pale and lonely shadow of its former self (and, yes, there really is a Lisa Frank).

SARK, the artist (not the MCP lieutenant … this SARK is much nicer and won't make you fight on the Game Grid) has a way to get you out of your doldrums that looks workable. Micromovements*. It's sold as a way for busy people to Get Things Done, but looks like it can possibly overcome a certain inertia. Might be good for people mired in certain feelings.

While you're at it, just visit SARK's website. It's good feelin's.

And, ever wonder how our favorite art supply stores can be so awesome, compete, and not compete each other to death? Well, they compete … and they cooperate. They support each other as we support them. The pie is big enough for everyone to have a slice and still keep great art local. And this article offers you a look.


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