02 January 2014

[liff] Books You Sometimes Find at Goodwill

A visit to a used-book section at a Goodwill store is the very definition of a roll-of-the-dice. The distilled quiet desperation of the normal life gives the cast-offs there a certain patina of needy humanity.

The biggest used-self-help-book stocks I've ever found is at a Goodwill store. To me, this is significant, but then I am a hard-core cynic.

Sometimes, though, you strike gold. One of the life's lessons that periodically shopping the Goodwill will teach you is to always check every corner at least once. Because you never know …

Letterhead and Logo Design Volume 5, Letterhead and Logo Design Volume 8, and The Pocket Muse, a writing inspiration book, by Jessica Wood.

The Jessica Wood book is particularly adorable:

… and, inside Letterhead and Logo Design Volume 5, I find this little gem from a local Portland designer whose life I admire a great deal and, well, I'll be honest, envy just a little:

Lesson: Check every corner! 

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