15 January 2014

[art,map] Port Oregon Grows To The South And East

Played around with expanding the city of Port Oregon tonight. Actually it's not an expansion such as a filling in of what was supposed to be there when I envisioned the place and cross-referencing it with my experience viewing city grid after city grid, which has been my lifetime's obsession.

In this view, North is in the more-or-less-1:30 PM position.

The next exploration is filling in the areas outside of but immediately adjacent to the original town. In a city as rigidly planned as the original 672-square-block townsite. As towns grow they tend to follow a kind of hidden logic, a combination of the way developers want to build streets combined with a sort of gestalt akin to manifest destiny … things will go this way because we want to try this and also things should be more or less going that way.

The original town and areas immediately adjacent are bound by two rivers; the wide on, on the east, which forms something of a natural harbor, and is a very short river formed by the meeting of two forks there at the bottom of the photo, and the river that flows in from the west, which rounds off the central city area on the south.

An old harbor district will form there in the blank pocket between Jefferson Street and the big river, I just have to figure out how the streets will run. Probably extended out from the main town with a few random short streets thrown in for fun in irregular positions.

The central city, north-south, measures anywhere from 2.5 to 3 miles in dimension, and that's only because I haven't settled on the length of a standard city block yet.

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