06 January 2014

[design] Dept of "You Had ONE Job, Designer!" Dept.

Yes, friends, this is post number three thousand. Celebrate, yay, streamers, party favors, okay, all that, now back to the show.

A couple weeks back I checked out, from the mighty Multnomah County Library, the Artists and Graphic Designers Market 2014. This is part of my middle-term plan to restart my art career. Truly necessary, this book is, if there's a place worth selling to, it's in there and there are some articles about career strategy and tactics. Also … look! … a free one-year's ride on the publication's website! Such a deal!

This is the front of the book:

The premium is located on a card inside the front cover. So, remembering that this was designed by designers and laid out by layouters, let's turn to inside the front cover to find …


I'll be that was one awkward meeting, after these books came in.

No, I didn't take the free year. I'm snarky, but I'm not shady.