26 July 2007

[design, photography] Photo Montage vs. Photo Collage

881. When you use a small-aperture digital camera (as I do) to get things you understand how sweet it would be to have a camera that did panoramic shots, or at least one that would make getting them less work.

In this photo I did a little while back:

I took more than six to eight separate shots and since I wanted one homogenous image I let Photoshop CS3's Photo Merge script do the heavy lifting. after a bit of experimentation and much cropping, I got something I liked very much.

There is something, though, to be said for photo collaging. This would be where I simply aligned the photos, not trying to merge or blend them together, letting it stand as a certain statement of the moment that the individual frames were snapped in.

The illustration on the right was nicked off an article at CreativePro.com. The photographer photo-collaged them together and got a truly compelling look at a ruined amphitheater that is as much artistic statement as it is photo record, thus, the picture itself has an impact that is both objective and subjective. This makes the illustration that much more interesting.

The article at CreativePro.com is right here, and makes for food for thought.

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