04 July 2007

[liff] We Celebrate the Fourth

857. Typically, since I've worked odd hours and unpredictable days, we celebrate some holidays, and some we let pass. The Fourth is one of those we typically let slide by, and cynicism aside, if it's about independence, if we actually celebrate that concept as well as the leaving of England by the Colonies, then me and The Wife™ should be able to pretty much do whatever the dang-hell we want and not have to apologize to anyone about it.

So, if we decide to stay home and relax and calm the kitties down and watch for stray ordnance from neighbors who think its their constitutional right to get exploding fireworks from Washington and set them off 10 feet away from our property line and our dry, dry back yard, then that's our right, I think.

In other bloggy news, I've set up flickr Zeitgeist in the sidebar, including the downtown skyline photo which was my first recent professional sale. Nifty.

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