11 July 2007

[type_design] Ginormous New NYT Signage has Portland Connection

864. Via the blog of Adobe's John Nack I peeped an unusual thing: a brand new signage on the new headquarters of The New York Times. The size of the type is about 15 feet; this computes to a Times Fraktur set in 10,116 point type, as all the typographical wags (including me) have pointed out.

Pentagram is apparently to blame for this amazing modern feat; moreover, according to this description of the thing on thier own 'blog (which must be seen to be believed), it is composed of over 300 individual "beak"-shaped aluminum tubes which slid over the ceramic rod curtains which cloak the building.

Most intriguing is the mention, by caption only, that the parts for the sign were made here, in Portland.

I'd sure like to talk to the people who work in this shop!

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