26 July 2007

[hk2007] Two More Chefs Out

882. Just a few comments about the last episode:
  • To balance out when Melissa got a second chance, two had to leave this time. It was Julia and Josh. Julia was eliminated the traditional way, but Josh was a sight to behold.  Some might think that some of this is scripted behind the scenes, but this looked like Josh handed it to Chef Ramsay. Regardless of being yelled at (and, given his history, he should have known better), he was trying to prepare appetizers ahead. Even I know that in a restaurant that pretends to high culinary style, everything gets made to order–you know, like Jack in the Box, except it's risotto and spaghetti. Chef threw Josh out of the kitchen on the spot, with him leaving the building (duffel and all) in the middle of service. Not even an apres-elimination interview by the dumpster. Definitely the least-dignified exit of any HK contestant so far.
  • Yes, and Julia–plucky, resourceful, tenacious Julia–was elminated. We were sad, but hopped for joy when Chef Ramsay announced to her that he was going to foot the bill for her to go to culinary school. This is indeed significant–never before in the history of HK has Chef given anyone a lovely, career-making, parting gift. I think he wants to see her back for the fourth season. We're looking forward to that.
  • Rock stayed. We don't like Rock–he gets creepy mad when things go wrong with him, which is often, because he's wound tighter than a cheap watch. He's smart, but he's...and sorry to use such language here...a bit of an arsehole. 
  • Of the two ladies left, we're not too fond of Jen either–the way she starts to backbite when she gets irritated at someone is pathetic. Bonnie doesn't impress us too much either...but we've done enough hatin' for one post.
  • It was thrilling to see Julia and Jen meet Heather West, hard at work at her post running the Terra Rossa restaurant at RedRock resort. It suits her. She gave one bit of utter wisdom...be as good as you can with the people who went before you, because they'll be helping you out in the end.

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