31 July 2007

[hk2007] The Penultimate Episode: it's Rock and Bonnie

885. Perforce, some thoughts.
  • I'm just amazed that Bonnie had made it this far. Given the field, though, it was an easy decision; Bonnie and Rock deserved to go forth more than Jen did.
  • We saw a different Bonnie this time. When Chef Ramsay took her into the other kitchen to have her practice chewing him out (which was a howl), it's amazing how quickly she slipped into the bitch-straw-boss persona. It was like she was waiting for that her whole life.
  • The task at had for Chef Ramsay was to really know who were the solid, true leaders there. Bonnie showed leadership we never thought she had. Rock and Jen had to be revved up to do it.
  • We wish Rock would have been the way he was during this phase also during the middle of the series, back when he was all 3rd-person on us and being the Sturm und Drang drama king. We're still not so impressed with Rock because of that.
  • We weren't that thrilled with Jen–we can't forget the way she kept backbiting Bonnie when Bonnie was getting under her skin–but we sympathize. In a "reality" competition like this, to be the last also-ran before the final has got to be heartbreaking–to go that far and have no chance at the prize to show for it. That's gotta hurt.
  • We absolutely love watching the next-to-last show, because this is shaping up to be tradition; putting the last three in rotation to handle expediting for part of the service. You really see, as Chef says, whether you run the kitchen or the kitchen runs you. Bonnie really shone here, Rock was 2nd, and Jen was weakest–the letting the crab spaghetti go out without the crab in it was a big hit. She recovered well, but she was definitely the weakest of the three.
  • One thing we find amusing but somewhat annoying is the way the contestants act surprised at something that has happened once each series so far. The final challenge is to give the finalist a one-night go at operating their own place. This happens by dividing the set in two and letting each chef equip, decorate, and set up an individual micro-restaurant. It's been this way with every show. So why are they so shocked when it happens? Presumably they've watched the show before, so this shouldn't be such an unexpected shock when the blind comes down for dramatic effect. But they always have this "what are the odds" look on their face. At least there wasn't any presser–last season's, which starred Virginia and Heather, seemed pretty artificial. Note to HK producers; we all suspect a lot of this is maybe a little more orchestrated than it looks, so try a little harder to keep some cliches out, k thx.
  • Hell's Kitchen is casting a fourth season, as crawls across the bottom of the screen repeatedly announced. Go to http://fox.com/hellskitchen and click on the link in the middle of the page that says "Casting" (it's right below the "Beyond Hell" logo) if you think you have what it takes.
  • Next episode...it's it, people. If you're as invested with this as we are, you can't wait to see what they do.
Oh, and before we move on, here's something of note: we won't have to wait another year to see new Chef Ramsay on American TV. FOX (the part of it that I like) is bringing a British staple, Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares, to TV this fall. Skookum!

KN, if you've not heard of it before, takes The Ramsay Doctrine to new heights by going to restaurants in dire trouble and turning them round. Do a search on YouTube for Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares, and you'll see clips from the BBC version. They show Chef as more than just a person who screams at people...he does a great deal of that, but you'll find out that he's a businessman who, bluntly put, knows what the hell (so to speak) he's doing, doing and is not afraid of giving strong medicine to people who very badly need it.

Clicky thee hence to see what all the fuss is gonna be about.

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