17 May 2009

Even More Capitolism

2060.I'm turning my attention on State Capitol buildings today because Pril left me this amazing link.

The architectural definition of a cupola is a dome-like structure atop a building. The site Cupola seems to be a privately-run gallery of really excellent architecture, and there's a section devoted exclusively to American capitol buildings, Cupolas of Capitalism. It's replete with great pictures, snappy little thumbnail histories and architechtural summaries, and the picture galleries are not to be missed.

Lots of Greek Revival out there, it would seem.

If you want the start of the seven pictures of Oregon's Capitol, you can go here; the page with the Oregon Capitol entry is here; and the start of the list, with A-for-Alabama, is here. Enjoy!

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pril said...

i think one of these afternoons i'll dig through my favorites and find the architecture sites I had found that wowed the shit out of me in my art history classes. one of the coolest things was the evolution of st matthew paintings from the 1st century and how one in particular became a sort of template used all the way up into the Renaissance

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

When you find that, please share. I find things like that nifty too, and that sort of stuff really has a place here.

You always bring cool stuff along when you stop by.