04 May 2009

Mind The Gap

2051.My current obsession with TriMet Maps (and cosmopolitan transit map styling)(and ideas for map pastiches and parodies I've been mulling)(sorry about all the parens) invariably led me to the world-famous London Tube Map. You can get a look at the whole magila here (Transport for London guards the copyright with the ferocity of a lion, an ire I wish not to arouse ... the illustration right is sized really teeny, for illustration-y purposes). It's not only much loved and much imitated, it lends itself to a great deal of ... well, pastiche and parody.

By far the funnies one is a very simplfied map loaded with Brit-funnay that I understand only because of a steady multi-year diet of Britcoms (and a wife who's an Anglophile). It was orginally published in a BBC book called Have I Got 1997 For You, and I've found it displayed in quite a few places on the web. It's too good not to share, so I'll post the version I found on Craphound.com, and hopefully the copyright holders will view my disregard for the common weal with equanimity (click to embiggen):

Some of the things I don't quite get (such as the reference to John Gorman) but most of the stuff I do get, as I said, a steady diet of Britcoms over the past never-you-mind-how-many years have paid off.

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