01 May 2009

More Examples Of Ligne Claire, and Hergé Meets Warhol

2048.The picture right, clipped from a work at the URL I'm about to reference, delights but does not surprise. Somehow to me it makes eminient (if ineffable) sense that Andy Warhol (picture, right) and Hergé (left) should meet once in their lives.

Or maybe it was something in Warhol's deliciously odd and culture-vulture-y art that suggests inspiration from such a gestalt thing as the Tintin vibe.

Anyway, after I posted my last on Hergé's art, the webmeister of TintinMovie.org, Chris Tregenza, suggested I look upon the collection of Ligne Claire art in the site. Impressive, to say the least.

Hergé's mastery of the technique enabled more than just the telling of unforgettable stories, it creates a look and a feel that is voluptuous even if simple. There's just something about the combination of simplicity and reality that is incredibly captivating. And there are some splendid modern exponents of ligne claire.

I've looked at the collection, and, liking what I see, perforce recommend. Go view. you won't be sorry.


Bitte sehr, Chris!

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Chris Tregenza said...

Thanks for the link.