11 May 2009

Meet Les Kerning

2054.Y'all will remember that, back here, I introduced you the singular Max Kerning, the god of clean, well-spaced, orderly type.

His döppelgänger has emerged. Yin to the yang, the self-proclaimed Jackson Pollock of type (I shudder, I do), Les Kerning does everything Max does not. He has hot girlfriends in cute underwear. He wears hoodies. He hangs around gritty urban alleys. He mixes Comic Sans and Wingdings in newsletters.

He does pretty much what he wants.
Have you seen my brother's "manifesto"? Sheesh, give that guy some aviator sunglasses and a hoodie - he could be the "Uni-typographer".
Well, he's just as opnionated as his brother, that's for certain.

Les doesn't have a web page, but he does have a Facebook page*.

You can run, Max ... but you can't hide.

* No, I will not say "has a Facebook". I believe in complete sentences, yo.

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