19 May 2009

McCall's Restaurant is Getting The Rose On

2061.As reported in The Big O today, Randy's Rose is going up on the old McCall's Restaurant (once the Vistor's Center) Building:
Last month the City Council waived the sign code to allow the large red neon rose that will twinkle during the festival. That waiver meant a lively discussion and a lone "no" vote from Commissioner Amanda Fritz, who said she was "beyond troubled" that the sign proposal didn't go before the city's Historic Landmarks Commission.

We're troubled, too, Amanda, but I've noticed that's the way things roll around here. Maybe I'm tired of all the sign and landmark controversy around here, but I kind of like it. It's not as bad as some things that they could be putting up there.

Sadly, no unicorns. A man can dream, though.

(photo screenclipped from The Big O's online version. Photo credit:Thomas Boyd)

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