25 May 2011

[pdx] The First National/First Interstate/Wells Fargo Tower

2630.A post to Facebook by Dave Strom made me think on my favorite, and one of the most beautiful buildings anywhere in my opinion … well, they call it the Wells Fargo Center today, but when it was built back in 1972, it housed and was known for its primary tenant: the First National Bank of Oregon. 

Good times.

Even though Big Pink has a couple more floors, the First is still first in altitude - by about 10 or so feet (546 feet to 536), making it the tallest building in Oregon.

And it has a grand, sleek design I just love:

First One

There's something very "2001-ish" about it.

First Two

I've got to get more pictures, is one thing.


Todd Diskin said...

I work right next to this building, a friend is a writer for Volt on the 26th floor. I have a love affair with this building too. I have some photos I have taken (not pro, but ones I like) that I am happy to share.


Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

Well, if you want to float me a link to those photos, I'd be more than happy to link to them from there, or show them off and provide backlinks.