05 May 2011

[pdx] Beauiful Day; My Favorite Mountain

2617.Mount Hood is, forgive me for stating perhaps the over-obvious, iconic for very good reasons, three of which are location, location, and location.

Mount Hood tight shot

On Wednesday, that beautiful day, me and mine were at the top of Rocky Butte, in that lovely little Joseph Wood Hill park, and I was getting pictures of my favorite mountain.

Mt Hood Piccy Postcard

Some good enough for postcards.

I've grown up with Mount Hood visible out my window most of my life. I strongly identify with the Cascade volcanoes, and when I showed people pictures of my hometown, what bits of the world I have seen, they were absolutely enchanted by the big city with the graceful mountain in the background.

Mt Hood Portrait

Observing the mountain over my hometown, my east side, concentrates the sense of time and space and leave me feeling … something, somehow. Aw, heck, I guess some things defy words for a very good reason.

But those peaks on the horizon? That's part of me too.


Dale said...

Gorgeous, truly. That's Rocky Butte, right? I thought of heading up there once or twice in recent days. I love a clear day up there.

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

Yep, Rocky Butte indeed. One of the Portland area's great underrated viewpoints. Just as well. It's never crowded up there. I think of it as the East side's Council Crest.