07 May 2011

[media] The Whole Animal Kingdom, Or Just That Horse There?

2618.I wish headline-writing was its own career. I would so go for that.

Why? Because every once in a while, I can come up with this (via KGW-TV):

Animal Kingdom Wins!

Those throngs in the stands are the horse's support staff, I guess.

Sometimes the sweetest victories are those that are shared precariously. This is the day of history: not only did this horse win the Derby, not only did humanity win, by extension, but the entire animal kingdom.

I guess we never have to run that race again.

In other headlines that caught my eye, KPTV-TV has a very clever titler working today:


… I love that. Also, in other alliterative news: Purloiners Pick at Pontiacs in Pendleton, Absconders Attack Acuras in Albany, Saboteurs Sully Saturns in Salem, and Villians Victimize VWs in Vernonia.

Oh, won't someone think of the children?

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