26 May 2011

[ad_design] What's Up Your Butt?, Or The Power Of A Negative Message

2631.As reported by KGW and other media outlets, a … well, there's no other way to say this … blunt message about colorectal health was nixed Washington-state dry-siders - specifically, those dry-siders around the Tri-Cities. But I can't help but thinking that maybe it hit the mark (again, 'scuse) anyway.

The billboards depict a bespectacled, rather average-looking woman with a mildly unpleasant look on her face, her mouth screwed up, lips pressed together, perhaps contemplating something awkward, maybe even nasty, but necessary. The message: What's Up Your Butt? Get tested for colon cancer starting at age 50 takes up most of the rest of the board (check the link above to see it).

As odd as it might seem, it's an "up-front" and irreverent way to get people thinking about a major risk factor as they move into the second half of life - something that will sneak up on you from, well … behind. Colorectal cancer is something that is, at best, awkward to talk about but it can get the most beautiful of us … Farrah Fawcett was killed by a form of this disease.

To say that this campaign didn't play in Pasco suggests that it did elsewhere; just up I-82, in Yakima, the article suggests, it's been running for a bit. 

Even though it's a simple design, it works, and it doesn't have to stay up to do so. Everyone in the Tri-cities, or at least a whole lot of people in the target audience, while presumably appalled at the lack of taste, is talking about it now. 

Sometimes, you don't have to design a design for the ages. Sometimes, you just have to design for right now.

Mission accomplished.

Now, I'm going to go off an giggle a lot. My inner four-year-old is loving this thing.

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