29 June 2007

[design] Dreamweaver CS3 Reviewed @ Designorati

852 The next review of the CS3 apps I'm going is up at Designorati. Today: Dreamweaver CS3.

Short form here: I enjoyed putting it through its paces. I'm familiar with Dreamweaver; words like Ajax and Spry fly about my head and I know they are Things You Must Know but I've never learnt Javascript so they are still a bit beyond my grasp.

DWCS3 brings this stuff home, or near enough; Ajax is made less scary via the Spry framework, which boils down to just selecting objects and assigning them behaviors. Nifty. And lots of chances to improve your CSS knowledge (like it or not, CSS is where the web is going).

Oh, and also, native import of Illy and PS files–what's not to like about that?

My personal and professional-editorial opinion: Dreamweaver CS3 is upgradeworthy.

Read me at Designorati here.

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