22 June 2007

[liff] I Sell A Photo; My Words To Be Embannered!

849 There are a couple of decided bright spots in the recent miasma.

First, I've sold use rights for a certain favorite photograph of the Portland skyline. It backs up this 'blog's masthead, and a smaller version (quite unsuitable for printing, I assure you) is exhibited to the right of this paragraph.

Consolidated Federal CU is going to be using it for print and other illustrative uses (perhaps a wall-photo?). We shall see. But this is a good thing, and contributes to my happy; it has long been a favorite of mine, and it gets more than its share of hits. Brandon at CFCU was very open and honest in negotiations, and I enjoyed dealing with him. If he's an example of CFCU employ, then I should think anyone who went over to the CU would get good and honest service.

I'm hoping they use it on the web page, but that's just me.

Does this make me a semi-professional photographer now?

Another in the list of People Who Like Me™ is Adobe Systems...yes, that Adobe. Or at least thier PR arm, A&R Edelman. They want to use a total of three quotes from my InDesign CS3 and InCopy CS3 reviews on the review page for each product. Which is a total feather (as in cap) and leaves me rather pumped, and no doubt.

And, it must be said, that I stand by what I said about those programs. I like InDesign CS3 and InCopy CS3, and if there's any faulting I have on Adobe's part, it's that they don't promote InCopy with a shout, like they should. It really is an astoundingly useful program.

And that's my true opinion.

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