19 June 2007

[tech_life] Fish, Barrel, Shooting; Telemarketer pwned by Chris Pirillo

840 Via UtterlyBoring.com, a clip which most of you may have already seen:

I comment on this only because, in the many jobs I've held during my lifetime so far, I have tried telemarketing. Horrid business. I'm polite (but firm, as I clearly enunciate the words "Add me to your no-call list") with them only because I've been there; if you're earning your daily bread by telemarketing, you don't need any more grief (unless, of course, you simply talk over me whilst I tell you to add me to the no-call list, or continue to inveigle me, then, of course, it be on).

The phrase "telemarketing professional" is the definition of an oxymoron.

Unforntunately for this telemarketing professional, she called Chris Pirillo on his call-in show. The experience was painful...having been there (and having f*cked that), I couldn't last the whole thing. Pirillo pwned her, and big time. My sympathy toward her only went so far, but when it was clear that she was hyping the same thing (enhanced access to the Seatlle Times/Post-Intelligencer website) over and over and over but just not quite understanding what it was she was selling.

I hope she finds a better job, though it sounds like she needs some intelligencing herself. Her diligence should count for something though, as well as credit for the newest Intertube meme:

This is better than Google. It’s the complete newspaper.

So, that's something, anyhow.

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