21 June 2007

[tech_life] Master of My MySpace...and other things.

844 Wonders technological, and, for better or worse, they're mine for now.

The biggest give that the Tree of Life has dropped lately is an iPod. Yes, a long-held dream has taken shape. I've known I've wanted an iPod ever since I saw the first generation models, and have never been able to get me one. Never in the budget, you see.

Well, this last weekend me and The Wife™ stopped in at a little store on SE 82nd Avenue at Otty Road called "Stuff". Those of you who knot about it know what they do there. It's the pawnshop that geeks love, it's the place where there's "nothing you need, but everything you want".

We walked out of there with a 30GB 5th Generation video iPod. I have been getting drunk on using this thing. I now have something that will hold every song and album I've ever loved and carry along also videos like Is There Something I Should Know and podcasts.

I quite realize this makes me look like some naïf who's been living in a cave for years. In a way, I think I am. A great many of you may be indeed privileged to live in a world where a cool gadget or thing is just something you throw a few bucks away on. We do not live in that world. It is not something I am proud of or ashamed of, it's just a basic physical law; what I want is not something I can just go out and get. Frequently, I have to wait years for it. We just got DSL from Qwest, them having made me an offer we finally couldn't refuse (and we are also drunk on DSL...after years on dialup, it's...well, beyond words, kind of. Our first modem was an Anderson-Jacobsen 300 baud acoustic. Savvy?).

Anyway, I'm having as much fun as I thought I'd of had with it. It's not Firewire, of course, just USB, so you can't boot from it, but that's what the 60GB LaCie Brick is for. I can, if I so chose, mirror my desktop's home directory on the iPod, though, and keep it there, for safeties.

Music and video make my happy. Now I can have my happy wherever I go...even in the middle of the night, on a very dreary job.

I am rambling big time. The blame must be laid at the feet of Vitamin R. What I actually meant to prattle on about is that I decided to get myself a MySpace account (which, if anybody could possibly be bothered, is http://www.myspace.com/zehnkatzen). This was primarily to make myself a facilitous contact channel between myself and two very inspiring cow-orkers from my night job.

It's interesting, what you find on MySpace. I've avoided it for the longest time because a MySpace page usually equates to dog's breakfast as far as design goes, and most MySpace pages make me want to yank my eyes right out.

That much is, unfortunately, true. I'd say that right now the two biggest gripes I have about MySpace is 1)Gratuitious use of eye-crossing backgrounds (in most cases, overwhelming the page content), and, 2)MySpacers are incredibly fond of this music-having plugin that starts up when you load the page. I don't mind the music so much, but I'm usually listening to music of my own, and it's irritating to have that music play at the same time as I'm listening to somethng else.

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