07 June 2007

[design] Kinko's Now Has A Branch On Your Desktop

829 Love using Adobe apps? Love going to FedExKinko's? Hate actually going to FEK in the middle of the night to do your copying/printing/whatever?

Adobe and Kinko's have allied and the result is a new menu choice in Adobe Acrobat Pro 8.1 and Reader 8.1 that allows you to send your job to FEK directly from the application. Peep the illustration to see just where it shows up.

I've done a quick writeup at Quark Vs InDesign; it's apropos because Acrobat Pro is part of the Creative Suite 3. Read it here. Long Story Short; it's a shortcut to FEK's online Print-on-Demand service, and you can arrange delivery (via FedEx, of course) to you. When Adobe Updater asks you to update to 8.1, go ahead and do it to get this service.

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Judy said...

You can also download an app from FEK that let's you submit a document from MS Word.

It rocks my world. :-)

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

Yeah, but...well, actually, it kind of makes one think that the old joke about McMenamin's opening a branch in Your Living Room carries a little more weight now.

Of course, since partaking of the Kennedy School, I'm not so apprehensive about that now...