12 June 2007

[tech, web_design] Hey, Windows Users-Ever Wanted To Try Safari?

832 Well, now's your chance.

Safari 3 public beta is a good look at the version of Safari that will ship with Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard, and it touts skookum fast browsing. The graphic has it even faster than the Fox and new features that I don't need quite yet. However, on its basis it's quite nice: it is very fast, and lets me use the CMD key rather than the CTRL key to shift from roman to italic and back again...definitely a plus.

It's a public beta, so standard disclaimers and all that, but when I installed it, I noticed there was an "uninstall Safari" package on the unpacked disk image, so I apparently can back out of it.

It looks pretty solid right now. It seems to have some problems handling the HTML code I usually input for the Technorati tags, but I trust that's to be fixed in the final version.

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