21 June 2007

[my_happy] Attack of the 80's: Daryl Hall, "Foolish Pride"

847 As we face the weekend (which most of you will play whilst I work) I go into it equipped with a bit of my happy: one of the more underrated videos of the 80's: Daryl Hall's "Foolish Pride", from his 1987 solo effort Three Hearts In The Happy Ending Machine:

I love the song and like the imaging and the pacing of the video. The dark background and the blue neon are, of course, all that's needed to distinguish this song as Live from the 1980's (1986, to be exact. This was a Billboard #1. If it weren't for "and Oates", Hall would be a one-hit wonder). That, and Daryl Hall's hair, anyway.

While I do love this video and the music gets under my skin in the good way, it's loaded with 1980's stylistic conceits that verge on the OTT. You'll
  • Gasp as you gaze on the coordinated yellow jackets of the backup singers!
  • Palpitate at the stern looks of the backup singers!
  • Attempt to initiate a fight-or-flight response when you see the hexagonal electronic drum heads!
  • Giggle uncontrollably when Daryl gives that little hiccupy "Uh!" about halfway through his first verse!
  • Be Stunned (like a clubbed baby seal) at the incredibly wide range of emotions portayed by Daryl Hall's face–all the way from Over The Top™ to Waaaay Over The Top™. Accept no substitutes!
Still, I wish I had that hair. It's been long...but never that good.

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Steve Casburn said...

That's great! I'd forgotten how delightfully irresistable that song is. I think I still have the 7" of that song somewhere, but I clearly remember being disappointed by the album and selling it back.

Thanks for posting it!

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

It's quite irresistable, it's true; the tune gets under your skin don't it?

I particularly adore the way Daryl emoted. His face really brought its A-Game for this vid.

Remember when Hall & Oates pretty much defined American pop there for a few years. Ah, yes...good times.