06 November 2008

I'm Actually Doing Print Design Amidst The Roar Of The Crowd


It's still unpaid, but it's some of the best volunteering I've ever done: the program books for OryCon 30.

It's something I've always dreamt of doing.

Me and Indy CS3 know each other much too well right now, but I'm staring down the open barrel of a locked and loaded deadline.

Oh, well ... designing under the gun is just more fun.

Hey ... that's not half bad. Someone make a note of that one.

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stan said...

Hooray for work!

Just out of curiosity, have you been working anywhere that is not design-related? I mean, like a temp office job or something.

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

Well, it's volunteer, so no pay, but I'm getting a hell ('scuse) of a work piece out of it to show off.

Since I've been trying to get a job designing, I've maintaned the same job I've had since before going to school (and one which I embargo info about for the protection of all). The pay could be better, but it's union, the benefits are definitely great (adequate health care 100% paid for by the company, which came in handy when I had to go to the hospital for three days two years ago with an infection).

I gripe, but I can't complain too much. And I dont think I have to tell you how much of an asset a union job with high seniority is going into a recession. And it's in an industry which will always be in demand, regardless of the economy.

But I've gone as far as I can professionally with it, and I'm letting my inner creative out to show me my next path.

Of course, my inner creative is great at creating, but piss-poor ('scuse) at trailblazing. But you play the cards you're dealt, yes? Judging by the way it's going for some folks, it could easily be worse.