04 November 2008

The Real Democrat is Winning


On KPTV, Tim Hibbetts has called it for Merkley.

And Hibbetts is never wrong.

Update: The thing about Hibbetts is, even though I can't see what he's thinking, I understand where he's going: All uncounted vote totals are not created equal. So, while KOIN's election analyst was noting that there were still 40 per cent of the vote yet to count and was reluctant to call it, Hibbetts observed that the areas that remained uncounted were primarily from Multnomah County (which we can expect to go hard for the Merk) and in the rural Oregon counties which are Smith's strength and reliably republican, he's not winning by the margins he once did.

For example: Hibbetts (I'm working on memory here) said that while Deschutes County was voting Smith, the margin was much, much smaller than in 2002 ... I think he said that it was right now something around only 2000 votes. And with the Multnomah vote still not completely counted, even though 40 per cent of the vote remains to be tallied, what's left over will more than likely go for Smith.

This is why when Tim talks, you should listen.

Repeat after me: Tim Hibbetts is never wrong.

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