22 November 2008

PowerMac G4 Power Supply: The Fundraising Continues

First of, all, if you surfed here from Faith In Honest Doubt, Dale's blog, thanks for stopping by. And thank you Dale for mentioning my plight in your blog. I am flattered and thankful.

I am still trying to raise funds to get my computer, my trustworthy Apple PowerMac G4 (with the mirrored drive doors) off blocks and back to work.

If you've followed my story at all you'll know that I have, for some time now, tried to find work as a designer. My main tool for creating (as well as job hunting) was the PowerMac G4, a beautiful and hardworking machine. I not only tried finding work with it, I used it to keep my skills reasonably current and also create and do some design work (hey, it's volunteer stuff, for the Columbia Group of the Sierra Club and OryCon 30, but if you can't get paid for it at least you get to get out and do it)

About 1 week ago the power supply died. Now, if it were a PC, I could go down to FreeGeek and get back to procducing with an outlay of $15 or $20. But I decided to go Macintosh, and when something fails on a Mac, sometimes it gets expensive.

In this case, a new power supply for the Mac runs upwards of $400. Money we don't really have right now.

So, I'm fundraising. I need your help! If you can throw just a few dollars my way, I'd be very grateful. Moreover, the person who contributes the most after I hit the target is going to have a logo and letterhead designed for them for no extra charge, so I'm putting my skill on the line here too.

I need my computer back, badly.

I'm aiming for $450 because that will also cover the cost of buying a used system with comparable specs at a place like PowerMax, which has a good selection.

There's a donate button at the top of the sidebar, and no donation is really too small. I've already gotten one donation for $25 (thanks again, Dale) and if just seventeen more people donated $25, I'd be there!

Also, any in excess I get over the target will be donated to an organization that does real good in the world (I'm leaning toward EFF, who I've always admired)

Thanks in advance to whoever looks kindly upon me and my dilemma.

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