23 November 2008

PowerMac G4 Power Supply: Another $25 Down

Thanks to another donation, I have now notched $25 closer to getting to my goal of acquiring the power supply I need or a system to replace it (thank you, Kris).

If I could get only sixteen more people to lay down $25 in my direction, I'm back in business. Of course, that's not the requirement. As I said before, I will value any amount of money no matter how small.

Also, I reiterate my promises:

  1. Any amount over the $450 target that I've raised will go to charity. I will not keep it. The charity of choice is still EFF.
  2. The person who donates the largest amount when the target is reached will recieve a logo design package at no extra charge, including as many discussions as it takes to get what you want the way you want it and solidly designed. If you don't want a logo, maybe there's a print publication, some brochure pamphlet or magazine, that you want done. This job will commence after the computer is back up and working.

If I can sound a little corny here, just the donations I've recieved so far have done immense good to my psyche, which, it probably goes without saying, has been in better shape.

Thanks, guys. I appreciate this.


hesslei said...
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Pete Forsyth said...

Hey there -- sorry to hear your Mac is causing you trouble!

But, you can get it fixed a whole lot cheaper than you think. www.galaxyhp.com -- a company based in Eugene, though they do well with mail order -- has great deals on reconditioning power supplies.

Also, I might even have one lying around I could sell you -- if you'll let me know exactly what model G4 you have.