06 November 2008

Repeat After Me: Tim Hibbetts Is NEVER Wrong


Been busy the last twelve hours, so I couldn't follow things as close as I'd like to have.

But, catching bits and pieces from the media coverage, after Jeff re-overtook El Gordo in the afternoon, the lead remained small for a while but Jeff's campaign didn't have to look back.

Just down the street, where Jeff actually lives, cars were parked outside his house all day as friends came by to help him watch the results.

And then, last night, the media started calling it; first, KGW, then The Big O.

Some outlets are relcutant to call the election as also is, understandably, the Smith campaign.

But it looks like the Real Democrat is winning.

And Tim Hibbetts remains the way to bet.

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1 comment:

stan said...

Tim Hibbitts looks like Judd Nelson.